Since 2016, Mindshake has taken on the challenge of boosting creativity and change for the better in a professional context through Bibliotherapy. 

Bibliotherapy is a method of supporting personal development and problem solving through books, which are selected for this purpose and whose reading is mediated by the bibliotherapist.


Corporate Bibliography 

According to the values and mission of each institution, Corporate Bibliography can be described as the elaboration of reading lists that reinforce the link between the institutions and their professionals, enhancing the harmony between motivations, attitudes, behaviours and objectives. 

Corporate Bibliotherapy 

Literary assistance applied in several sessions to groups of employees, which aims to solve problems or improve some aspect of the company’s life, such as: improving time management, stimulating the ability to decide, communicating better with colleagues, refining the team spirit, increasing the degree of commitment to the company, etc.


Streamlining a bibliotherapeutic game designed for teams of collaborators, which allows a first approach to the benefits of Bibliotherapy in a corporate context. This game develops empathy and creative thinking, among other relevant aspects in a professional context.


Workshop “Bibliotherapy: Reading to Live Better” (5 hours) 

How Bibliotherapy came about, how it evolved, how it is defined, what are its benefits and how it can be applied in practice. 

Workshop “The Brain Reader” (5 hours) 

When and why we started reading, how the brain reads, what deep reading is and what results from it, what are the challenges of the transition to digital reading.

  • Introduction to Bibliotherapy
  • Benefits of regular and thorough reading
  • Strategies to read more and better
  • Reading as a laboratory for life
  • Other lectures adapted to the needs of each client
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