Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving is a form of intentional creativity. It is a structured process that is used to arrive at innovative solutions which provide novelty and value.

The complete training takes place in a theoretical-practical format. In this set of sessions, the theoretical concepts and the structure of the method are acquired through exercises that allow learning by doing.
Duration: 16h (with the possibility of blocks distributed over 2 to 4 days)


Understand the challenge

  • Define some goals, wishes or dreams 
  • Explore all the data around the CHALLENGE and identify the important data 
  • Reformulate the challenge within the format “How might we… ?”

Generate Ideas

  • Think of as many ideas as possible to solve the challenge 
  • Choose the most promising ideas 

Plan the action

  • Redefine the ideas you have selected 
  • Select the most promising solutions 
  • Make a list of a series of possible actions for your application 
  • Generate a specific plan of action

The formats can be adapted to the needs / time / resources: 

  • Introduction to CPS: 2 hour talk
  • Introduction + practice of a process as an example: 6 hours
  • Introduction + resolution of an organisational challenge: 12 hours
  • Innovation from creativity 
  • Creative Problem Solving 
  • Operational Creativity 
  • Applied Creativity
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