but in organisations some just don’t know
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The methods and tools that Mindshake applies in training and coaching sessions were selected and developed within the scope of scientific research projects. We are often invited to speak at conferences about Creativity, Creative Thinking, Innovation, Design and Design Thinking and we regularly publish papers on these issues.

Our services can take place at Mindshake House, In-Company and Corporate Academies, as regular or one-off activities. 

Design Thinking

Design Thinking for Innovation

Since 2012, Mindshake has been facilitating Design Thinking projects using its Evolution 6 model, applied to business contexts, in numerous training and coaching activities, as well as in research projects. Design Thinking can support the development of products, services business model and much more. 

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Design Thinking for Social Transformation

Design Thinking applied to Social Transformation makes the social innovation process more accessible, explicit and applicable in multidisciplinary projects. For social profile projects, Mindshake developed the Social Evolution 6 model.

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Design Thinking for the Circular Economy 

Based on the Evolution 6 model, Mindshake developed the ReEvolution 6 model. The adaptation of the original model to the principles of Circular Economy implies considering that the design should be not only human-centric, but also planet-centric taking into account the environmental and financial sustainability of companies operating in this area.

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Creativity and Organisational Change 

Mindshake supports and promotes a business culture that encourages creative and collaborative attitudes.

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Creative Thinking

Creativity is considered the driver for innovation and a decisive factor in personal, professional, social and business development.

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Creative Problem Solving

The Creative Problem Solving method is a form of intentional creativity. It is a structured process that is used to arrive at creative solutions that offer novelty and value.

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Since 2016, Mindshake has taken on the challenge of enhancing creativity and change for the better in a professional context through Bibliotherapy.

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At Mindshake we see Design Thinking as a mindset which helps different ways of thinking, fluidly, flexibly and with empathy.

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